Clutter Control 101 – Online Organizing Workshop

Clutter Control 101 Online Organizing and Decluttering Workshop

Clear Clutter & Get Organized


Clutter Control 101

{An Online Organizing Workshop}


Learn how to let go and get rid of clutter for good!


  • Are you overwhelmed by clutter?
  • Do you wonder if you will ever be able to get organized?
  • Are you stuck because you don’t know where to begin?
  • Have you tried to get rid of clutter but failed?
  • Are you embarrassed by your clutter?
  • Are you ready to embrace clutter free living?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, Clutter Control 101 is for you.

Decluttering is the first step on the organizing path. You simply can’t expect to get organized if you are surrounded by clutter.

  • Do you know you have too much stuff, but don’t know how to let go and get rid of it?
  • Does the whole idea of getting rid of your clutter feel overwhelming?
  • Do you clear a space only for it be overtaken by more stuff?
  • Have you read the organizing books, tried to make change, but still find yourself surrounded by clutter?
  • Have you ever dumped everything into a box or bag just to get it out of the way? (My experience tells me this often happens right before guests are expected.) Maybe you thought you would deal with it later, but later never came, so now you routinely dig through the consolidated mess hoping to find what you need.

If clutter has become a source of stress, frustration or embarrassment, Clutter Control 101 is for you. It will show you, step by step, how to take charge and clear clutter for good. This is the real deal – as a professional organizer and clutter coach I know what it takes to address the root causes of clutter issues. Clutter isn’t just about your stuff – your mindset and emotions play a huge role. Mental barriers are real and I’ll show you how to break through them! My experience is twofold – I know what you feel like, I have worked through my own issues – lots of them. So you could say my experience comes from experience, but it also comes from years of working in the field and coaching people from all walks of life to success.

It’s very easy to get overwhelmed when you are surrounded by tons of stuff. And rightfully so. Trying to get clutter under control is a little like herding cats – it’s a big challenge, physically and mentally.  To be successful you have to have a clear plan and know the tricks to outwit the clutter. This workshop teaches you everything you need to know, step by step, so you can become clutter free for good!

So, are you ready to say goodbye to clutter forever?

Learn How to Declutter & Get Organized

Clutter Control 101 will help make that happen! You will:

  • Identify the root causes of your clutter. (Could not being able to say ‘No’ be one?)
  • Learn how to decide what’s truly important, and easily determine what’s not.
  • Let go of the things that no longer serve or support you. (This is so empowering!)
  • Create an action plan so clutter never has a chance of making it past your front door.
  • Learn how clutter stands in the way of getting organized. (It’s more like a giant roadblock.)
  • Be introduced to the basic principles for organized living. (Get ready for more free time!)
  • Regain control over your space. (You really can live clutter free forever!)
  • Learn how five minutes invested now, will pay off in hours later. (Organization has its rewards!)

The end result will be that you will know exactly how to put an end to clutter for good! You will be on your way to organized living – which saves time, stress, and money!

This isn’t just a how-to workshop, it has a built in ‘act on it now’ component. Information without action is just more clutter and your goal is to lose the clutter, right? This workshop combines information with practical application. If you are ready to act, you will see real results.

The stress caused by clutter will be a thing of the past!

It’s time to regain control. Clutter is a mixture of many things. It represents delayed decisions, emotional baggage and good intentions.

Clutter Control 101 takes you through the entire decluttering process and teaches you how to keep your space clutter free for good, step by step.

** Here are the details. **

Details for Online Workshop


This is a 6 lesson online workshop, delivered right to your inbox via email.

  • Each weekly lesson is a combination of text and MP3 audio, plus bonus videos to supplement the workshops materials.
  • All the text sections are also recorded as MP3 audio, so you can listen while you drive, walk, or do household chores – it’s a great way to allow the content to really sink in.
  • You can download the audio portions or listen online – you don’t need any special technical skill to participate.  : – )
  • The videos will be available on demand, so you can watch whenever you feel like it.
  • No matter what your learning style, you’re sure to feel completely comfortable.
  • No matter what your schedule you can fully participate – you decide when you learn because all materials are available 24/7.
  • Plus you get one-on-one access to me to address your unique issues – you can email with questions at any point.
  • You’ll also get access to our private group, where you can ask questions, post photos, find support and get inspired.

Next class begins Tuesday, October 1st, continuing for six consecutive weeks, ending November 5th, 2019. The changing of the seasons a natural time to declutter. The transition from Summer into Autumn is just right for shedding what’s not working and creating systems that will support you for the long term. It may not be a walk in the orchard, but taking this leap and joining this workshop will allow you to enjoy the holidays without the clutter intruding on your joy.

This is your opportunity to let go and lighten up! Imagine being able to relax without the worry of clutter entering your thoughts. You can do it when you join us for this life changing workshop! (With this session there is a Autumn Bonus – you will get access to the Paper Clutter Workshop for free!)

If you were to hire a professional organizer to come to your home to help you reduce your clutter, the cost would easily be over $800! And that’s just one day’s help. This how-to workshop is just $79 – how’s that for a BARGAIN?! (It’s even a bigger bargain this session because I am including enrollment in the Paper Clutter Workshop for free!)

Remember – you will have 24/7 access to all lessons. This means you can go at that pace that is right for you. Everything is accessible right from your inbox – you do not have to login anywhere or create a special account. The text portions of the lessons will arrive as PDF’s, viewable and printable on all systems. The audio is delivered as an MP3 that you can download and save, so you can listen at your leisure. You will also be provided a link so you can listen online if that is more convenient. The video will be delivered as a link so you can view as often as you wish, whenever it’s convenient for you. You can even download and save everything if you want  – it’s all yours to keep for as long as you want.

Plus, participants will get six weeks of continuing support in our private group. This will allow participants to put into action everything they’ve learned, while still having the opportunity to ask questions and get answers. (Psst: This is the perfect time to plan and implement a project, and get the accountability you need to successfully complete it!)

Sign up now – It’s an investment that will pay dividends for years to come!

You might be wondering why I am offering such a great deal?

Well, it’s not because I’m crazy. It’s that I kept hearing my clients talk about how challenging the financial aspect is, and how they wish they could afford more of my hands on time. So, I asked myself how could I deliver great service at a truly affordable price? Online workshops were the answer! It’s a win-win situation – I can share my knowledge in a way that works with the economic realities that most people face, and my clients can reap the benefits while staying well within their budgets. Did you know clearing clutter actually saves you money? It does, and a whole lot! It’s a proven fact – contact me if you want to know all the ways you’ll save.

If you are motivated to create change, this workshop will be as effective as having me physically by your side.

Here’s one more thing to know, and that’s what this workshop isn’t….

I’m not offering a cookie cutter approach. We will not be going through your home room-by-room, with me telling you what to discard. That approach would give you temporary improvement at best. Plus, I don’t know what is important to you or relevant to your lifestyle. Only you know that (if you don’t, you will after this workshop!). This is about creating the mindset and building the habits that will allow you to let go with ease, and then stay clutter free for life. What you work on will be unique to your situation. But we will cover all areas of life, so we’ll be talking about physical, mental and emotional clutter.

To make the decision making process easy, I offer a risk free guarantee and a generous refund policy. If you sign up (it’s a great value at just $79) and find that the class is not what you were expecting, just let me know before the second lesson is released (in this case, by October 6) and I will refund your tuition, no questions, no quibbles. In any event, the information from Lessons One is yours to keep and use.

Refunds beyond Lesson One require taking the course to completion: If you take the class to completion and find it’s not providing the benefits you were looking for, then simply let me know how it failed you. At that point all I ask is that you tell me how you implemented the processes and used the planning guide. What I’ll be seeking is some detailed feedback on how to make the workshop better (we’ll book a call to have a quick conversation so I can learn from you and then I’ll happily issue your refund).

So, what at are you waiting for? Clutter is piling up. Time is going by. Take advantage of the no risk sign up and get on the right path, the path that leads to clutter free living! Imagine how good that will feel! Click the ‘Sign Me Up‘ button to register. It’s fast, easy and secure!

The next online workshop starts Tuesday, October 1st. Sign up today – you’ll be clutter free and able enjoy living without the stress of too much and too many obligations!

(If you have questions about enrolling, feel free to be in touch. Send an email to me, or give me a call at 802-881-2456.)

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