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Online Workshop and E-Course Catalog & FAQ

You can jump right to the workshop/e-course catalog, but if you are like most people you probably have some questions first. Most likely you are wondering how does an online workshop or e-course actually work?

Well, it’s super simple and very straight forward. You don’t need any special technical knowledge, it’s all easily accessible. You sign up and the class content is delivered via email. The content is a mix of text, audio and/or video.  It’s all yours to save and keep, so you can review it again and again.  You can go at pace that suits your unique needs. That’s one big bonus.

Another bonus is that you can do it all from the comfort of your own home.  The third bonus, it’s very, very affordable.  And you can try without risk. Your satisfaction is guaranteed with our no questions, no quibbles, no hassle, refund policy.

All workshop and e-courses are taught by me, Kelly Jayne McCann, professional organizer and clutter coach, which means you’re getting tried and tested, easy to implement information that really works.

Plus you’ll always have access to email support. I’m here for you. Your success is how I measure my success, so I make myself available to all participants. Some workshops even come with one on one phone support and/or personal coaching as well.  No matter what, if you have questions they will be answered.

Who is a good candidate for an online workshop or e-course?

  • If you are ready to create change, you’re a good candidate.
  • If you are open to new ways of doing things, you’re a good candidate.
  • If you know it will take some effort and you are ready to put forth that effort, you’re a good candidate.

Change is all about embracing supportive  habits. If you are ready to let go of what isn’t working, and replace it with something more appropriate then you really can create the kind of change that will allow you to live a bigger, better life. Less stress, more joy and a real feeling of fulfillment each and every day – that’s what awaits you!

Whether you want to get organized, clear clutter, better manage time, or reach your personal goals, the trick is to consciously choose supportive habits over those that, while they might be comfortable and familiar, are not helpful. Now I can’t do the work for you. However, I can guide you to absolute success!


Upcoming Workshops & E-Courses

Clutter Control 101: Learn How To Declutter Your Life & Get Organized

Declutter Your Life E-courseDo you want to get organized but have no idea where to start? Are you overwhelmed by clutter? Do you clear a space only for it be overtaken by more stuff? Have you ever dumped everything into a box or bag just to get it out of the way? (My experience tells me this often happens right before guests are expected.) Maybe you thought you would deal with it later, but later never came, so now you routinely dig through the consolidated mess hoping to find what you need. In any event clutter has become a source of irritation and stress, maybe it even makes you anxious, and quite possibly you feel embarrassed. You may have tried time and time again to tackle your clutter and you may have failed repeatedly.

So you might be wondering why would this be different. Am I right? Well here’s the deal, clutter  isn’t just about your stuff – your mindset, habits and emotions play a huge role. So much so, that if we didn’t have emotions, we wouldn’t have clutter. As a professional organizer and clutter coach, I know how to help people drill down and identify the root causes of their clutter and organizational challenges. I help them create the habits and embrace the mindset that will support them in living a clutter free life. We’re talking real change, not just a band aid approach. The bottom line: This e-course will show you how to confidently take charge, let go of clutter, and keep it from coming back for good. Learn more and register here.

Paper Organization Made Easy: Learn How To Manage Paperwork

Paper Organization Made Easy Online WorkshopPaper clutter is a huge issue that creates stress and eats away at your precious free time.  It can cost you money or even cause your integrity to come into question. As a professional organizer I can attest to these facts, because nearly all my clients ask for help dealing with paper, incoming mail and filing. If you feel like you have more than your fair share of paper clutter, you need this workshop – it will guide you step-by-step through the paper management process.  You’ll learn how to easily stay on top of everything paper related, you’ll learn what you need to keep & what you can safely toss, and you’ll create a file system that works perfectly for your unique needs. The end result – you’ll be able to put your hands on just what you need, when you need.  Learn more and register here.

Less Stress, More Joy: Creating Balance & Getting Clear on Priorities

Less Stress More Joy Online WorkshopAre you super busy all the time, yet  never feel like you’ve actually accomplished anything significant?  Do you wake up excited at the prospect of a new day or do you just hope to get through it without crashing and burning? If you are feeling overwhelmed and stuck in the chaos of the daily grind, this workshop is the antidote!  It will help you clarify priorities, teach you how to let go of  life’s clutter, show you how to focus so you can get more done in less time, and so much more. The end result is that you will feel in charge and in control of your life! And you’ll have time to relax and enjoy yourself without guilt.  Registration details coming soon.

The Clutter Free Kitchen: Get Organized, Get Healthy, Get Happy!

Declutter and Organize Your Kitchen WorkshopIs your kitchen in chaos? Are you able to easily prepare and enjoy healthy meals? Or do you have to clean up and clear off surface space in order to cook, or even make a simple sandwich? Are your counters covered with piles of paper and multiple miscellaneous items? Are you ready to let of kitchen clutter for good? Do wish for an organized, easy to clean and maintain environment? Do these questions hit a little too close to home?  Not to worry, because you can have a highly functioning, organized kitchen that will support good health and reduce stress. The Clutter Free Kitchen Workshop will help you make it a reality! You’ll be guided step-by-step through the clutter clearing process and you’ll create an easy to use, organized space that meets all your unique needs.  Registrations details coming soon.

Get Organized For Good: Home Organization Simplified

Declutter and Organize Your Home WorkshopHave you tried to get organized and found yourself feeling frustrated with the process?  Perhaps you even felt like you failed when you looked around and realized that you had created what seemed like even more chaos. Or maybe you haven’t really tried because you are overwhelmed and have no clue how to start. If you know getting organized would be a prudent move, one that would allow you to live better and enjoy life more fully, but you also know you need some guidance. then this is the workshop for you. Organizing doesn’t have to be complicated. As a matter of  fact, simpler is better. This workshop will take you through the entire organizing process, from getting started to maintaining the system for good. The end result is that you will be organized and will be able to replicate the process in any area of your life. Registration details coming soon.


The following workshops will soon be open for registration….

Deal With Your Dollars: Get Your Finances Organized

Manage Your Minutes: Planning for Productivity

Eat at Home: Meal Planning Made Easy

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