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Say Goodbye To Holiday Stress!

Give yourself the gift of sanity this season. Learn how to stop the overwhelm so you can truly relax and enjoy the holidays with your free….

Less Stress, More Joy Holiday Action Plan

The holidays can be a wonderful time to connect with family and friends, enjoy traditions, indulge in treats, and practice  gratitude for all we have. But too often the holidays are accompanied by a high level of stress, resentment over all there is to do and exhaustion.

The cause of this messy mix is easy to identify – the holidays come with incredibly high expectations. The ‘shoulds’ surrounding us can be downright overwhelming.

  • We should decorate to the nines.
  • We should choose absolutely perfect gifts for everyone.
  • We should bake, bake, bake, and bake some more.
  • We should cheerfully volunteer our time.
  • We should create memories that will be talked about for generations to come.
  • We should fix gourmet meals worthy of magazine cover shoots.
  • We should throw parties where we play the role of the perfect hostess.
  • We should welcome house guests as if we were the Holiday Inn (pardon the pun).
  • We should string popcorn, sing carols, and be gracious to a fault.
  • We should visit our families, even if it means traveling for hours with cranky kids in tow.
  • We should digitally capture all the Norman Rockwell moments (don’t forget, we should be creating these moments with ease), so we’ll always remember how great the holidays were.

I am betting all these ‘shoulds’ sound familiar. Here is another should – they should sound ridiculous, because they are. They’re unreasonable, joy robbing, peace stealing, stress inducing, anxiety causing poppycock. With so many absurd expectations, managing holiday stress could be a full time job (and all too often it becomes just that!).

It’s time to get real. Let’s toss these energy sucking expectations in the rubbish bin.

Imagine what it would be like if you replaced all the ‘shoulds’ with things that you actually want, and I mean really, truly want to do. Imagine focusing on the things that have deep meaning and bring you authentic joy. Sounds fantastic, right?

Guess what? You don’t have to settle for imagining – you can make it your reality (yes, really!) with the Less Stress, More Joy Holiday Action Plan. Sign up now and give yourself the best gift ever – freedom from overwhelm! Use the form below to get your free planning tools now…..

Overcome Holiday Stress Create Joy Action Plan

What you’ll learn:

The 7 D’s of Stress Reduction (Less stress, that’s our goal. You’ll love how numbers  3, 4 & 5 will magically whittle down your to-do list!)

How To Determine What Your Priorities Really Are (When you know this you can deliberately decide where to focus your energy, and where NOT to)

A Guilt Free Method for Saying No (I know, it’s the giving season, but being able to say ‘No’ appropriately will benefit you year round, saving you time and money.)

What Time Currency Is and How to Determine How Much You Actual Have (This technique will help you definitively decide what activities, holiday or otherwise, you can realistically commit to. Use this method at home, at work, or with your school aged kids, to virtually eliminate all those under the gun situations! If you are tired of running out of time, you need this tool.)

What you’ll get:

The planner is delivered via email in universally accessible PDF format.

It’s interactive, so you can fill the planning sheets right on your computer, tablet or phone, and you can save and edit your work. Of course you can print everything too. The bonus is that everything I share, all the tips and techniques, can be applied to any area of your life, year round

So not only will your holiday season be amazing, you’ll be ready to welcome 2018 with supportive habits in place that will keep stress at bay and allow much more joy in! Plus, to help make your efforts stick, I will send you my monthly Clear Your Clutter, Find Your Happy – Inspiration for Living Your Best Life Newsletter (it’s full of tips that you can actually use).



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