Paper Organization: What to Keep – How Long to Keep

Organizing Paper | The What to Keep Guide

Organizing paper can be a challenge. Deciding what to keep and how to long to keep something can be confusing. The tendency is to keep it all for fear of tossing something important. But you shouldn’t let fear be your guide. Most people don’t need to keep much at all. Why not get clear on what you need to hold onto? The Paper Retention Guide will help you figure out what you need to keep. Of course some situation are unique, so consult with a legal or financial professional if you have concerns. Download your Paper Retention Guide.

Are you drowning in paper?

Not sure how to manage the inflow? If you are What To Keep What To Toss Paper Organizationready to clear out the paper clutter and get it under control once and for all, you’re in luck. The Paper Organization Made Easy Workshop is the answer. Paper Organization Made Easy will walk you through the entire paper management process. It’s an online workshop that shows you how to create a paper organization system that will end your paper challenges for good. And it’s guaranteed!


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