Declutter Your Life Podcast Episode 19 : How To enjoy Clutter Clearing

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Hello and welcome. It’s Kelly, Jayne McCann, professional organizer and clutter coach and you are listening to decluttered by design, a podcast where I provide practical guidance to help you declutter your life with ease. Now, if you know me at all, if you’ve been listening or follow me on social media or have taken one of my workshops, then you know that my approach to decluttering is holistic. I believe that our outer lives are a reflection of our inner lives. So my focus always starts not on the stuff, but on our mindsets, our beliefs and our behavior. Those are the things that we can control. If we can’t control those, then we have very little chance of actually decluttering our physical space. If we can manage ourselves, we can manage our stuff. So given that, I have a couple of questions for you. What if you could learn to actually enjoy clutter clearing?

What if you could see it as something that you get to do instead of something you have to do? Well, guess what? There is a way, and no, I’m not crazy. This is the real deal and it just invloves a simple mindset shift. Our mindset impacts everything we do. Either positively or negatively. And the great thing is that we have the ability to change our mindset. We can shift it at any point we choose, which means that with a little reframing and refocusing, you can make clutter clearing much less burdensome and much more enjoyable. So here’s my challenge. I want you to take the idea that decluttering is some arduous task and I want you to flip that idea on its head. I want you to look at clutter clearing as a way to nurture yourself and your family. I want you to think about it from a self care perspective. By letting go of all the stuff that isn’t adding value to your life, you are creating a healthier space to live.

You’re doing something that is really good for your body and for your soul. You’re making room for possibilities and freeing yourself from constraints. You’re improving your overall well-being when you declutter, right? So the bottom line here is that clutter clearing really truly is self care and self care is absolutely essential if we’re going to live our best, healthiest, happiest lives. So I want to challenge you to refocus and reframe a clutter challenge into a clutter opportunity. Let me know what you think about this. I would love to hear your feedback on whether or not you think this could work for you, or if you think it’s just malarkey. Whatever your thoughts are, I would love for you to reach out to me and let me know. You can find me everywhere at organizingmaven. And if you are looking to declutter your life, then I would encourage you to look into my online workshop, Clutter Control 101.

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