Declutter Your Closet With This Question

We all know where closet clutter starts, right? We buy thinking we’ll really wear it, but then when we get home it hangs unworn. Maybe we didn’t love it after all. Maybe it was an aspirational item (you know, the clothes we buy to impress others, or otherwise dress as we think we *should* ). Or maybe it wasn’t practical (hello white pants!).

In any event, we now have clothes we don’t wear taking up space and reminding us that we’re either not as fashion forward as we think we *should* be or that we wasted money.

Closet clutter also happens when we hold on to stuff for someday. Someday I’ll fit into that again. Someday I’ll be invited to a fancy cocktail party and that dress will be prefect. Someday that will come back in style. It’s so easy to be a someday sucker….sigh.

I don’t believe we have to be stuck with all that clutter, and that’s because I fully believe in creating a wardrobe that suits your unique needs and preferences. And that means ditching any fashion rule that doesn’t serve you well and passing on those someday clothes to someone who needs them today.

Some people are minimalists (that’s me!), others really groove on fashion (not so much me, but I do like to look put together), and some manage to combine both (I envy you folks!). No matter which camp you fall into I’ve got a simple solution to help you reclaim your closet, and it works even if you’re overwhelmed.

Here is what I consider the definitive clutter test question….

>>Could I happily put it on and wear it now? <<

If you get a yes, you’ve got a keeper!

But if you get a no, meaning you wouldn’t be comfortable wearing it, then why are you keeping it? You deserve better, so let it go to make room for something you do love.

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