Declutter - Clutter Clearing Progress

Have you decided it’s time to declutter?

Are you overwhelmed by the process? Maybe you’re on the brink, thinking you should get started but wondering if it’s possible. Well, it is possible. More than that, if you are motivated to create change it is highly probable that as you clear the clutter you will find life becomes better and better.  Read on for a real life decluttering  project progress report that is sure to motivate. And if you’re stuck in the clutter muck be sure check out the free declutter, simplify and organize your life e-course – it takes you step-by-step through the clutter clearing and organizing process.

Decluttering Progress Report From Jane E. Brody

In a column last fall, I announced my intention to rid my home and myself of a half-century of accumulated “stuff” — everything from papers, books, clothing and shoes to packaging material and shopping bags. I’m happy to report significant progress.

Scores of old files, letters and mementos have been recycled. Bags of books, clothes, coats, shoes and linens have been donated to charities. New and hardly used kitchen equipment has been given to those who need it more than I do.

A decision to re-carpet three of the most cluttered rooms in my house forced me to move — and remove — hundreds of long-unused items. I replaced oversized and impractical furniture and containers with smaller, more useful items less likely to become reservoirs of dust and clutter.

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