Plan To Reach Your Goal

Wow, we’re passing time! Labor Day has now come and gone. And that means it won’t be long before the holiday season arrives, and then a new year.

We’ve got one third of the year left – 4 months. So how are you going to make the most of it? What is one major thing you’d like to accomplish before the end of the year? What would it require for you to reach that goal?

There’s a simple way to get clarity about what it would entail. Start by breaking your large goal down into four monthly goals. And break those down even further into weekly goals. Then schedule the time to get them done.

That last part is key – if you don’t schedule time for your tasks, they will not get done. Hoping to find time is not a success strategy.

I’m going to be really honest here, this isn’t rocket science. If you have a goal you’d like to reach, you need to do just two things: Plan for it and take the actions needed. It’s really that simple. Simple isn’t easy though. You’ve got to act. And that means you’ve got to do the work and resist the distractions.

How can you resist the distractions? You can do any number of things…

  • You can do your task first thing in the morning, before you do anything else. Get it done before the distractions pick up.
  • You can call a friend and commit to your task and ask them to check back in an hour to make sure you followed through.
  • You can join our private Facebook group and post your goal there – we’ll follow up and hold you accountable!
  • You can make it harder to respond to distractions. Disconnect, unplug and/or remove yourself from the distraction prone area.

Or you can do something else…

Hold yourself to a higher standard. Know that you are better and stronger than the distraction. Because you are.

You might not know that if you’ve labeled yourself as someone who easily succumbs. Because you are what you think you are. That truth holds no matter which way you think. So why not think of yourself as doer, as someone who follows through on their promises to themselves.

Now the big question: What goal are you setting? What action will you take this week to move you toward it?

If you need help be sure to grab the free Goal Setting Guide, which includes worksheets to help break your goal down into doable bite sized tasks. Grab it here. You’ll also learn why writing your goals out will give you a huge advantage and exponential increase your chance of success.

Goal Planning Guide and Worksheet





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