Clutter takes its toll on our mental and emotional health. Even the act of decluttering requires we exert mental and emotional energy, not to mention physical. How great would it be if you could streamline the clutter clearing process and make decision making easier? Well you can! There is one question you can ask yourself that will help you quickly decide if something should stay or go.

Does this add to the quality of my life?

That’s it! Easy-peasy, right? I originally wrote about the idea of choosing quality over quantity as a way to improve your overall well-being and be happier. People responded quite enthusiastically – they loved the idea. Yay! But people also wanted to know how to apply the principle to actually clearing clutter, specifically letting go of physical stuff.  So I went ahead and recorded this video that helps clarify how to apply the idea to the decluttering process.  It’s a really simple and really effective way to reduce clutter. You’ll be more confident in your decisions because the question of quality is crystal clear – something either adds to your life or it doesn’t!

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