How To Overcome Worry and Feel Better Fast

Worry, it’s a thing we all do. And what do we worry about? Practically anything and everything.

Sometimes it’s super far out, like whether we’ll be able to physically take care of ourselves in our retirement years. Sometimes it’s not so far away, like whether we’ll do well giving the department presentation at work when the big boss arrives next month. Sometimes it doesn’t even have a time line attached, like whether we’ll get cancer.

It’s super easy to get caught up worrying. And worry does crazy things to us….it invades unrelated thoughts and takes over, it interrupts our sleep, it even makes us feel physically ill. Worry takes control and leaves us feeling out control.

So it would seem that since worry isn’t good for us, the wise thing to do would be give it up.

But that’s far, far easier said than done.

I know I can’t give worrying up (I’ve tried and tried).

However, I can take back control. And so can you. Here’s how:

Look at your big worry. Let’s say it’s whether you’ll be healthy enough to take care of yourself in later life. Instead of focusing 10, 20 or 30 years away, focus on today.

What’s one thing you can do today to make sure you stay as healthy and strong as possible? Maybe it’s getting out for a walk, eating a more nutritious meal, or making an appointment with your doctor to discuss how to ward off diabetes.

When we take action on a worry we immediately shift away from victim mentality. We trade powerless for powerful. And we feel so much better!

The saying you can’t control the future is only half true. You may not be able to guarantee an outcome, but never underestimate the amount of influence you have over it. Our actions today absolutely shape our future!

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