The Bonus Benefit Of Decluttering - You Build Confidence In Your Decisions

You know all that effort you’re putting into clearing away your clutter? It feels like a lot, right? But you know it’s worth it because you’ll be rewarded with a clutter free space, and that will be feel like such a sweet return on your effort investment.

Here’s something that will make it feel even sweeter, there is a the bonus benefit that comes with clutter clearing. One you may not be completely aware of. And it can affect your whole life in a fairly significant way.

We all know clutter really represents delayed decisions, right? And the biggest reason we avoid clutter clearing is that we’re afraid we’ll make the wrong decision.

I bet everyone here has experienced some amount of paralysis when confronted with having to make a decision you’re not confident about. What do you do? You don’t decide – you maintain the status quo.

But what happens when you do make a decision in the face of uncertainty? What happens when you take a risk and deliberately decide to act even though you don’t have 100% assurance that the outcome will be perfect?

You feel good, right? You might feel a little nervous, but you also feel like you’re in control.

Essentially what has happened is you’ve stepped outside your comfort zone. And anytime you do that you automatically expand your comfort zone – it gets bigger and your level of self confidence grows.

Which brings us to bonus benefit:

When you begin to trust yourself to let go of clutter, you’ll also begin to trust yourself to make other decisions.

And since life is full of decisions, and each one of those decision shapes our future in some way, this bonus benefit can be a really big deal. And that’s because It’s always better to make decisions from a place of confidence than fear.

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