Guilt can wreak havoc on our clutter clearing efforts. If you’re feeling too guilty to let go of perfectly good stuff, I totally get it! But I also know that if you want to live a clutter free life you’re going  to have do something to manage that emotional challenge.

Guilt is a manipulative emotion, so you’ve got to be strategic in how you deal with it. You’ve got to outwit it! And that’s where this mind trick comes in. We’re going to turn the guilt around. Instead of feeling too guilty to let go, we’re going to wind up feeling too guilty to hang on. Except instead of feeling bad, we’re going to channel all the reasons to feel good.

I know, it sounds a little confusing, right? But trust me, when you watch you’ll completely understand how easy it is to shift your mindset. A simple change of perspective is all it takes!


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