Why NOW is the perfect time to start on your goal.

Sometimes getting started on a goal or big project can be really, really challenging. Even when it’s something you truly want to do. Time is often the biggest hurdle to get over. So often we’ll put off starting until we have enough time.

But here’s thing, more time isn’t going magically show up. I mean let’s be honest, have you ever really felt like you had *enough* time? I doubt it. I know I haven’t.

But I also know that I can’t allow lack of time to be my excuse. It’s a really convenient excuse, but it’s also really lame. Especially since we all get the same twenty four hours. What sets the achievers apart from the nonstarters is the way they leverage time. The achievers use every bit of it to their best advantage.

Trust me, I have been in both camps and I’ve learned the hard way. I was a nonstarter for too long, all because I believed that I needed a big block of time and the right conditions before I could get started. But that wasn’t true. What I needed to do was just start. Indeed, it was as simple as that….just start.

I needed to take the first step. I needed move from thinking about starting to actually doing it.  I needed to ditch idea that in order to start the stars had to be correctly aligned and all my ducks had be in a row.

The perfect time and ideal conditions, as we imagine them to be, just don’t exist.  In reality, the perfect time and ideal conditions are now.

Why now? Why not later? Because later never comes.

If you’re serious about a goal, then start. Don’t overthink it, just do it.

Starting, no matter how the small the action, shifts things into motion. The hardest part is done, you’ve overcome the resistance and created momentum. Now all you have to do is repeat the performance. Take another baby step. And keep on stepping. That’s how things get done. You work with what you have. Five minutes of focused action is better than five minutes of obsessing over when you’ll have time to act.

So I beg you, stop waiting for life to work for you and make it work! Do what you can with the resources you have available.

If you need a further food for thought, ponder this: What will you regret more….starting or waiting?

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